1. White Paper: DualVee® Motion Technology Outperforms the Competition

    White Paper: DualVee® Motion Technology Outperforms the Competition
    These competitor products fail to perform to the same levels as DualVee®, and their product limitations not only hinder machine reliability, but also increase the total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers.
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  2. FIRST Team - Project 212 - Met the Challenge in 2021

    FIRST Team - Project 212 - Met the Challenge in 2021
    It’s time to be inspired! Don’t miss this chance to learn about this FIRST Robotics Challenge high school team and how these students - our future leaders! - not only competed in a STEM challenge, but did so while dealing with the multiple challenges of COVID.
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  3. Speeding Up, Being Smart, Taking the Stage

    Speeding Up, Being Smart, Taking the Stage
    One of the core values at Bishop-Wisecarver is the “Need for Speed and Think Smartly” in all activities. Key word – ALL. This past summer, two Bishop-Wisecarver employees were on stages at large vendor events discussing ways they had helped the company think smartly on various internal business processes. While customers may not see these efforts directly, they appreciate the results as these propel the company’s Signature Experience of unmatched quality, reliability and service.
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  4. Embracing the Pioneering Spirit Through Education at Bishop-Wisecarver

    Embracing the Pioneering Spirit Through Education at Bishop-Wisecarver
    One of the reasons Bishop-Wisecarver has remained successful for nearly 70 years is the company’s focus on four core values. These values guide everything from the design and manufacturing of products to the Signature Experience provided to customers and the positive work environment for employees. “Embrace the pioneering spirit”, one of the core values, encourages creativity, unconventional thinking and continuous education for all employees.
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  5. Bishop-Wisecarver Hosts Manufacturing Day 2018

    Bishop-Wisecarver Hosts Manufacturing Day 2018
    Discussing the myths vs realities of manufacturing is a priority for Bishop-Wisecarver as we know once students better understand the truths of this industry, more of them will choose this career path. From mentoring girls interested in STEM careers to sponsoring robotics groups, the Bishop-Wisecarver team is active in showing the modern, high tech opportunities in manufacturing.
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  6. Manufacturing – The Industry that Makes a Difference, About Nils Severson

    Manufacturing isn’t a career where you check your brain at the door. It needs great problem solvers who work to meet current customers’ needs, while also developing new innovations for future concerns. The 2015 public perception report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute found that 78 percent of millennials said their decision to work at a company was influenced by how innovative they considered the company to be and having the chance to make a difference.

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  7. Power-Up from The Fembots!

    Power-Up! This was the theme of the 2017-18 First Robotics Competition and focused on two alliances of video game characters and their human operators who are trapped in an arcade game. Both alliances are working to defeat the boss in order to escape.

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  8. Take Five with The Fembots – FIRST Robotics Team 692

    Bishop-Wisecarver is honored to be in our 11th year of sponsoring the FIRST Robotics Competition. This year, we are again sponsoring The Fembots, an all-female team from St. Francis High School in Sacramento. Today, we catch up with Katie Klokkevold, a Senior and Co-Captain of the team. We asked Katie to give a one-word response to each of the terms below, followed by a short explanation. Take a few moments to read about the hard work and lessons learned by this amazing team.

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  9. What Manufacturing (Still) Needs – A Perspective by Pamela Kan, President of Bishop-Wisecarver

    Nearly a year ago, I wrote and recorded a KQED Radio Perspectives program segment entitled “What Manufacturing Needs”. In it, I tried to quickly address the problem of having a strong industry with solid indications of future growth, while projections show we will be short two million manufacturing workers in the next 10 years.

    I asked the question: Why is U.S. production so short of these skilled workers?

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  10. Employee Spotlight: Mary Petrie, Associate Product Manager

    Employee Spotlight: Mary Petrie, Associate Product Manager
    In today’s mobile society, young professionals often move away from home to attend college and then take jobs anywhere around the world. But Bishop-Wisecarver Group’s newest hire is a true local who is glad to work in her hometown - the same community this company has been supporting for more than 65 years. Today we interview Mary Petrie who has just started her second month as the company’s first Associate Product Manager.
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