Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. A Closer Look at Trends in Manufacturing

    A Closer Look at Trends in Manufacturing
    The manufacturing industry has changed a lot throughout the years and will continue to do so at an increasingly faster pace. One of the most noticeable changes is the renewed awareness of government officials and economists, who publicly recognize manufacturing as the real driving force of a strong economy.
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  2. Put Your Money on the Future

    Put Your Money on the Future
    As we see kids head back to school it reminds me of my role as a business leader to invest and support our next generation of team members. As a woman running manufacturing, distribution and engineering companies I see a real gap in the education and experiences we are providing to our kids.
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  3. Pi Day 2015 – Combining Math & Food for a Celebration of the Century

    Full disclosure, math is not my best subject, in fact it ruined my chances at becoming a pharmacist, but when 3.14.15 comes around only once in a century, we need to celebrate! While I may not be stellar at math I love STEM and making sure our kids are getting a great STEM based experience in school. So we combined two of our favorite subjects – math and food – and built the first ever Bishop-Wisecarver Pie Making Machine in honor of Pi Day 2015. You won’t find it added to our sales catalog just yet, but you can check out what products we used to build it in a list I’ve included below.
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