Application Stories

Product Type Industry Application
Actuated Linear Guides Aerospace Clean Room
Components Agriculture Cost Effective
Manual Linear Guides Automotive Harsh Environments
Rotary Guides and Systems Food/Beverage Heavy Duty
Lab Automation/Medical Equipment Long Lengths
Lumber Low Maintenance
Production Machinery Positional Accuracy/Repeatability
Smooth Motion

1 Trak - Manufacturing - Tool Transfer

Actuated,Debris,Curvilinear,Tool Handling

DAPDU2 & PRT2 - Manufacturing - CNC Automation with KUKA Robot Arm

Automation,Robot,Material Handling,Rotary

DLS - Electronics - Soldering with Robot

Automation,Soldering,Robot,Material Handling,Electronics,Long Length,Indexing

DLS - Packaging - Salad Tamping

Food Product Machinery,Packaging,Actuated,Actuators,Industrial Equipment,High Speed,Tamping

DTS - Automotive - Assembly Handling

Automation,Automotive,Robot,Material Handling,Long Length,Curvilinear

DTS - Automotive / Electronics - Battery Assembly

Automotive,Material Handling,Electronics,Indexing,Curvilinear

DTS - Parallel Systems

Long Length,Curvilinear

DTS2 - Automotive - Automated Sensor Transfer

Automation,Automotive,Material Handling,Long Length,Indexing,Curvilinear

DTS2 - Food Packaging

Food Product Machinery,Packaging,Material Handling,Indexing,Curvilinear

DTS2 - Packaging - Assembly Operations

Packaging,High Speed,Curvilinear,Assembly

DTS2 - Working with Yaskawa Robots

Robot,Smooth Motion,Curvilinear

DualVee - Equipment - Spring Forming

Industrial Equipment,Metal,Debris

DualVee - Overview / Applications

Cutting,Adhesives,Corrosion,Guide Wheel,Washdown,Debris,High Speed,Long Length,Low Noise

DualVee - Packaging - Barrel Filling

Packaging,Industrial Equipment,Filling,Machine Adjustment

DualVee - Packaging - Cartoning and Case Packing Adjustment

Packaging,Industrial Equipment,Case Packing,Cartoning,Machine Adjustment

DualVee - Packaging - Paper Transfer Gantry

Packaging,Actuated,Printing,Gantry,Material Handling,Paper,Multi-Axis,Long Length

GFX - Packaging - Food Product Cartoning

Food Product Machinery,Packaging,Industrial Equipment,Curvilinear,Cartoning

GV3 - Cutting - Slate

Cutting,Construction,Debris,No Lubrication

GV3 - Furniture - Transforming Small Apartments

Architecture,Manual,Smooth Motion,Low Noise,Furniture

GV3 - Robotic Welding - Train Paneling

Welding,Actuated,Automation,Automotive,Aerospace,Robot,High Temperature,Train

GV3 - Textile - Carpet Weaving


HDRT - Architecture & Entertainment - Ring Art Installation

Architecture,Entertainment,Actuated,Ring,Heavy Duty,Smooth Motion,Low Noise

HDS2 - Cutting - Concrete

Cutting,Equipment Manufacturing,Corrosion,Industrial Equipment,Heavy Duty,Construction,Debris,Multi-Axis,Concrete

HDS2 - Glass - Grinding and Seaming Machine

Cutting,Industrial Equipment,Glass,

HDS2 - Manufacturing - Dipping Gantry

Actuated,Corrosion,Gantry,Material Handling,Multi-Axis,Long Length,Coating

HDS2 - Manufacturing - High Temperature Billet Gantry

Industrial Equipment,Gantry,Material Handling,High Temperature,Multi-Axis

HDS2 - Solar - Tube Transfer

Actuated,Heavy Duty,Material Handling,Long Length

LoPro - Manufacturing - Dipping Gantry

Heavy Duty,Gantry,Moisture,Coating

LoPro, UtiliTrak, & DualVee - Packaging - Trim Press Automation

Packaging,Automation,Custom,Material Handling,Indexing

LoPro, UtiliTrak, & PRT2 Ring - Manufacturing - Collaborative Robotics


PDU2 & HDCS - Electronics - Handling Gantry

Actuators,Gantry,Material Handling,Electronics,Multi-Axis

PDU2, PRT2 Ring, SBD, & DLS - Automated Warehouse

Actuated,Actuators,Automation,Gantry,Custom,Material Handling,Multi-Axis,Rotary,Tool Handling,Pick and Place

PRT2 - Electronics - Automated Assembly

Robot,Electronics,Long Length,Curvilinear

PRT2 - Manufacturing - CNC Assembly

Actuated,Equipment Manufacturing,Automation,Industrial Equipment,High Speed,Long Length,Curvilinear

SL2 - Semiconductor - Silicon Wafer Transfer in Vacuum

Vacuum,Corrosion,Material Handling,Semiconductor,Smooth Motion

UT CSK Camera Slider Kit

Entertainment,Camera,Smooth Motion,Low Noise

UtiliTrak - Manufacturing - Furniture Assembly Gantry

Manual,Gantry,Smooth Motion,Multi-Axis,Furniture

UtiliTrak - Packaging - Scanning and Dimensioning

Packaging,Manual,Smooth Motion,Scanning

UtiliTrak - Overview

Manual,Debris,Smooth Motion,Low Noise

UtiliTrak VC - Overview (short version)

VC,UTVC,Debris,Smooth Motion