Specialty Bearings

Application Specific Bearings

When standard bearing products don't suit your application requirements a unique custom designed product is the ideal solution. Co-develop your unique bearing design with the company that has a heritage of guide bearing experience. Complete sub-assemblies can be designed and sourced in large quantities under reasonable lead-times. With a specialty bearing, additional features and components can be integrated to reduce complexity. Our production environment can accommodate a variety of sizes and materials and includes polymer over-molding and final assembly. Contact us to discuss your challenge.


Capabilities for Bearings

Size Range of Inner Bore Diameters 4mm to 60mm
Size Range of Outer Diameters 6mm to 80mm
Race Materials Bearing steel 52100 or stainless steel
Precision Class Up to ABEC 7
Bearing Type Ball
Cage Materials Steel, Nylon, PEEK, other
Seal Materials Rubber (NBR, Viton, ACM, other), steel shields, stainless steel shields, combinations
Grease Standard and special grease to suit application needs
Special Profiles Many special profiles available for inner and outer diameters and widths
Performance Targets Low noise, high load, long life, high speed, linear, other

Capabilities for Polymer Overmolding

Polymer Materials POM, Nylon, PBT, PET, PE, PA, PI, and many others (PU rubber is not possible)
Size Range 6mm to 100mm
Profiles Concave, convex, U channels, and many special shapes to suit applications
Performance Targets Low noise, high load, long life, other
Applications Automotive, Mechanical, Medical, other

Capabilities for Assembly

Materials Pressings, plates, shafts, nuts, customer supplied components
Sub-Assemblies Can be supplied or sourced for integration