Product Status Notifications

Bishop-Wisecarver Product Status Notification (PSN) documents contain important product life-cycle management information regarding product stock code changes, product obsolescence and product stock code alternatives. For all products with life-cycle changes, we are committed to providing solutions and alternatives with minimal impacts to end-use applications.

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2021-06-01 UtiliTrak® Channel Stock Code
2021-04-28 DualVee® Size 1 Wheel Covers Obsolete
2020-12-10 LoPro® Gantry Kits Obsolete
2020-01-22 UtiliTrak® Load/Life
2019-07-02 LoPro® Version 6 for Belt-Driven and Chain-Driven Systems
2019-02-14 UtiliTrak® Wheel Plate Assemblies, Size 3, Crown Rollers, Shielded Obsolete
2019-02-12 MadeWell® Crown Roller Size 3 Obsolete
2018-01-08 ECO60 E60 Obsolete
2018-01-05 SlickStick S16/SLK16 Obsolete
2017-06-05 DualVee® Track Stock Code Update
2017-01-09 LoPro® Stock Code Update
2016-05-23 LoPro® Basic Wheel Plate Assembly Guide Wheels
2016-04-20 DMV Series Servo Motors
2015-05-14 DualVee® Integral Studded Wheel
2014-06-20 LoPro® SWI to SWS Basic Wheel Plates
2014-06-18 UtiliTrak® SWI to SWS Wheel Plates
2014-02-28 MinVee® Track Mounting Spacers
2014-01-20 DualVee® BWI Series Wheels
2014-01-17 DualVee® Track Lubricators
2013-05-03 DualVee® SWI to SWS Series Wheels
2013-04-10 DualVee® & MinVee® SWI Series Wheels and MinVee®



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