QuickTrak® – Modular Linear Guides

QuickTrak® is a family of modular linear guide components and sub-assemblies utilizing DualVee Motion Technology®. The design helps manufacturers and automation solution providers assemble machines with motion guidance systems faster and easier with its T-nut and T-slot based kit of parts. The QuickTrak system can be customized without additional machining, and mounted with standard T-nuts onto extrusions.
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Product Details

Modular, Cut-To-Length and Easy-To-Assemble Parts

QuickTrack® systems are built from kits of modular components and sub-assemblies, enabling quick design and installation on finished products and production equipment.

QuickTrak can be mounted to aluminum beam extrusions with minimal machine shop support and assembled with only simple hand tools — the track support is mounted with standard fasteners onto extrusions, and the modular extrusion-based wheel plate assemblies with customizable width and wheel span. Components can be customized for specific end user application requirements.

QuickTrak can be utilized across many industries and unique applications enabling smooth and reliable motion in any environment from very clean to heavily debris-laden. This is because QuickTrak is based on DualVee guide wheels and vee-edge track, which provides self-cleaning wiping action as the wheels run. For more information on the size 2 and size 3 guide wheels and track used in QuickTrak, refer to the DualVee product page.

Available in a kit of parts or fully assembled, QuickTrak comes in two sizes and two configurations which can be used much like an industrial-grade erector set. The system sub-assemblies include: track support, wheel plate extrusion, wheel mount kit, and components. A brake kit is also available for both single-edge and double-edge versions.

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Single-Edge and Double-Edge

  • Anodized 6063-T6 aluminum compact extrusion
  • Permanently assembled linear guide surfaces in the form of DualVee® track made of AISI 1045 carbon steel hardened to 53HRc minimum
  • Single-edge system can span wider distances, double-edge track support is a fixed width
  • Single-edge system can be mounted to T-slot aluminum framing or slotted surface (can be quickly aligned using the extruded locating feature on the bottom surface of the track support)
  • Length of the track support is user specified and can be supplied in any length up to 6 meters long (no joints in the track running surfaces)


Single-Edge and Double-Edge Wheel Plates

Wheel plates made of low cost T-slot aluminum extrusion make for rapid assembly. Simply mount the guide wheel mounting kits and optional wheel plate brake.


Single-Edge and Double-Edge Wheel Kits

The linear guide wheel mounting kits contain snap-fit wheel covers with lubricated wiper foam, and all of the required mounting hardware. This modular arrangement of components offers a wide range of configurations that can be customized by the user or specified at purchase.

Key Kit Contents

1. DualVee wheels
2. AISI 303 stainless steel bushings (1 eccentric, 1 concentric)
3. T-bar(s)
4. Bottle of lubrication oil
5. Snap-on wheel covers with track-wiping foam





Configurable Wheel Plate Brake Kit

The brake kit can be configured both single-edge and double-edgesystems, and contain adjustment handle, brake calipers, and all of the required mounting hardware.

Key Kit Contents

1. Brake calipers, hard anodized 6063-T6 aluminum
2. Manual, adjustable-position handle
3. Mounting fasteners, washers and T-nuts
4. Installation adjustment gage
5. Treaded rod and T-nut

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