Return Policy

Standard Items

All standard Goods, in original condition, may be returned with an RMA (Return Materials Authorization), subject to a 30 percent restocking fee.  RMA must be requested within 10 days of receipt of item by Buyer. Buyer must return the Goods freight prepaid, and credit or refund will be issued, subject to inspection by Seller. Allow 10 days following receipt of returned Goods for inspection and issue of credit.

Non-standard or Custom Items

Some non-standard, special order, modified or custom items may be authorized for return at a higher restocking fee, depending on the level of customization. When determined returnable, these items are subject to the same return and inspection process described above. Certain non-standard, special order or custom items are not eligible for return.

Nonconforming Goods

Seller shall not be liable for normal manufacturing defects, customary variations from quantities or specifications, nor for inherent defects of or in the Goods. Claims for defective products, shortages, delays or failures in shipment or delivery, or for any other cause, shall be deemed waived and released by Buyer unless Buyer notifies Seller in writing within 10 days after the arrival of the Goods at the destination specified, indicating full particulars, reasonable evidence supporting the claim, and Seller’s claimed responsibility for the claim. If Buyer claims that Goods are defective in quality, they must be properly and promptly offered to the Seller for its examination, and if Buyer does not permit and facilitate said examination, Buyer's claims shall be deemed waived and released. If Buyer claims that between the time of loading at the point of origin and the time of delivery to Buyer, the Goods have been damaged, destroyed, or a shortage has occurred, the Buyer shall use its best efforts to establish the cause and extent of such damage, destruction or shortage, and shall immediately notify Seller thereof in writing, and shall keep any such goods which are destroyed, damaged or subject to shortage segregated and available for Seller's inspection. Seller shall not be responsible for any fees or costs associated with the return of conforming goods.

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