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Build For The Future

Most companies don't last five years, and even fewer make it a decade. Bishop-Wisecarver has not only survived but flourished for 70 years because we constantly evolve in the face of a changing world while remaining true to who we are. At our core, we are relentless problem solvers who are passionate about what we do. We love to learn and explore what's next. We're friendly and down to earth. And our culture is driven by a collaborative spirit and can-do enthusiasm that makes anything possible. Bishop-Wisecarver is built for the future, because we are the ones building the future.

We're proud of the talented group that has made Bishop-Wisecarver the company it is today, but we're always looking to improve by adding sharp minds and hard workers to our team. Passion is the fuel behind any successful career, and if you're passionate like we are, then we encourage you to join our mission at Bishop-Wisecarver.

Current Openings

Assistant to the President & Special Projects

We are looking for a dynamic individual to join the BW Team as Assistant to the President & Special Projects Manager, reporting directly to Pamela Kan, our President & Owner. In this role, you will be the backbone of administrative support, ensuring her time is utilized efficiently and helping to foster productive interactions across our team and with the public. Your responsibilities will be diverse, ranging from administrative tasks to spearheading initiatives independently. As the Secretary of the Company, you'll play a pivotal role in organizing our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors meetings. Moreover, with plans to bring on a COO by the end of 2024, your role may extend to supporting this key individual as well.

Why work with Us

Bishop-Wisecarver is a WBENC certified woman-owned company for nearly 70 years that has been selling our unique solutions in the linear and rotary motion field to customers ranging from major manufacturers to start-ups. Bishop-Wisecarver (BW) helps manufacturers and automation solution providers engineer linear and rotary motion products. With engineering expertise and manufacturing best practices working with over 20,000 customers, we understand our customers' design and application requirements which enables us to develop unique solutions that lower maintenance and installed costs, provide product differentiation, and longer product life.

Our product line includes quality components and accessories, manual linear guide systems, actuated linear guide systems and rotary guides and systems. Stainless steel, high temperature, wash-down and clean room-compatible products are among Bishop-Wisecarver's more recent product introductions. Our more popular offerings include the following trade names: DualVee, LoPro, UtiliTrak, MadeWell and GV3.

BW is a family culture that allows every employee to be heard and make a difference. As a highly transparent company, you will be in the loop and have an opportunity provide your input on all aspects of our business. If you are looking for a career at a company that everyone knows your name and values your opinions, then BW is for you.


Brian Burke – Hired 2003

I started working at BW in February of 2003 and came here as a Manufacturing Engineer in our Production department. I have held several positions over these years and have worked in various departments including Marketing and Engineering. I have enjoyed a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth during my time here. I have learned and developed many new skills and talents including opportunities to practice public speaking and engaging with customers and engineers. Professionally, I have attended numerous industry trade shows and educational seminars. I’ve obtained several certifications including Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Product Marketing Manager. I like to collaborate with our team of knowledgeable and talented employees while we solve a variety of technical challenges. At BW we are constantly learning unique and interesting industry information from a wide variety of motion applications. It’s exciting to learn about the problems that people are working to solve, and about the new ideas for using technology to automate tasks in new ways.  BW is a great place to work and learn new skills. The environment is inclusive and encouraging with frequent company sponsored events where we discuss our strategies, our goals and objectives, our performance as a team, and celebrate our wins. If you are interested in manufacturing, science, or automation, BW is an ideal

Debbie Jimenez – Hired 2004

I started at BW in 2004 after working for a drug testing facility in Concord for 5 years I have enjoyed working for BW all the years I’ve been with this company. The people that work for BW have always been welcoming and have great team spirit. My first job was as a Receptionist / Customer Service Assistant. After learning our products and customer base, I was promoted to Signature Experience Coordinator / Senior Customer Service Representative. My #1 responsibility in this role is to take care of our customers by always listening and helping them with all their needs. I pride myself on making a good first impression to everyone that walks through our front lobby and on the phones with our customers. The most important thing to me is communication, which is the key to success.
I would highly recommend anyone looking for a place to be recognized and respected to come work for BW because it’s a great place to work. BW is a family company and has been in business for over 70 years which is a testament to our core values and prosperity.

Vince Mello – Hired 2006

I was working in various construction companies prior to beginning my career with BW in 2006. My first position with BW was Production Worker 4th Class. I my former years, I learned to cut, drill, straighten, and emboss Dual-Vee track. With the support of BW throughout my career, I had the fortunate opportunity to learn various operations on the production floor to improve my skills and knowledge and attend continuing education courses in machine shop technologies. With hard work and dedication, BW led me down the path to numerous promotions.
After spending the past several years honing my business acumen through leadership training, OSHA compliance, and Lean Six Sigma I was promoted recently to my current role as Plant Superintendent and am learning even more every day.
I really love my job. I like all the people I get to work with and think manufacturing is very interesting. BW challenges me every day to come up with creative solutions to a very broad range of problems. This job has affected my way of thinking and who I am as a person in a positive way. BW is the right size to be able to learn and grow with the right attitude and work ethic. There are a lot of very smart and talented people I have been lucky to work with. My manager has been a great mentor and has had the greatest impact on my BW experience.

Kevin Metz – Hired 2019

I started at BW in July 2019. I was brought onto the team as a Field Application Engineer, primarily to support our growth in the East Coast region. Coming from a massive public company in my previous role, I was unsure what to expect from the culture at BW. My uncertainty was immediately put to rest as my new colleagues welcomed me with open arms. BW truly embraces and embodies the Family culture on which it’s founded.
In my short time with the company, I already feel like an integral member of the team. Despite my lack of experience with actuation technology, I was quickly brought up to speed through the on-boarding training process, which allowed me to take on greater responsibility much sooner than I thought possible. I continue to learn more each day, especially through cross-functional collaboration between the various departments. It’s incredibly inspiring to work within a company where everyone is genuinely striving towards the same goal.
I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my career at W. Whatever it may be, I know that I’ve been given the tools and resources to make a big impact.

Kelly Walden – Hired 1998

I grew up locally and my father worked for several Bay Area manufacturer’s, so I was exposed to the industry from an early age. While attending college with occasional interning / visits to other companies. I remember on one such visit to White Industries, a North Bay manufacturer of bicycle components, I saw my first multi-spindle CNC turning center and thought this was the coolest thing.
I started my career with BW in the Quality Department as an Inspector and I’ve been very fortunate to work with and learn from several talented people during my career at BW including our President, Pamela Kan, and her father and company founder, Bud Wisecarver. I’ve been regularly challenged throughout my career and believe this has contributed much to my growth to my current role as VP of Manufacturing.
I feel connected to the company and to the Wisecarver family. I know with absolute certainty that as an organization, we have yet to realize our full potential and I’m motivated by this daily. While continuing to grow in my own role, I enjoy the opportunity to mentor others and help them develop as others helped me. I’m working in a field that is technologically evolving faster than any other time in history making it equal parts scary and exciting. Our younger cadre of employees are doing wonderful work and infusing new energy into BW.


Diversity in Mechatronics


To enhance the world through diversity in mechatronic solutions in harsh and extreme environments.

Core Values

Preserve our Family Culture

  • Treat everyone like family
  • Invest in continuous learning
  • Celebrate our wins, have fun and laugh
  • Improve and support personal, team and community health
  • Support and give back to the mechatronics industry and our local Community

Deliver a Signature Experience

  • Provide world-class service and products
  • Embrace customization - even for one (1) piece
  • Trust creates deep, long term relationships and brand advocates
  • Data drives personalized services and products to our customers

Embrace a Pioneering Spirit

  • Grit to explore new territories
  • Take risks, be courageous, and embrace failure
  • Willingness to explore outside our core competencies
  • Inspire creativity, unconventional and diverse thinking

Need for Speed

  • Think SMARTly in all we do
  • Focus on progress, not perfection
  • Embrace and leverage technology
  • Be agile, work in sprints, create and learn faster