Monthly Archives: March 2015

  1. Movie on FIRST Robotics Proves That 'If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

    A decade ago, WIRED magazine ran a story about four high school students from a tumbledown high school in Phoenix, Ariz., beating MIT in a sophisticated and nationally watched underwater robotics competition.
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  2. We’re a Lean, Green Manufacturing Machine!

    Several years ago I wrote about being Lean and Green. I asked the question – “Is it hard to be 'green' or is it really just more the discipline of looking at how to run your business in a more efficient way?” One that improves your bottom line as well as reduces your impact on the environment; not regulated by government, but regulated by common sense to use the least amount of resources (lower costs) to produce your product.
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  3. Raising the Profile of Scientists and Engineers Through FIRST Robotics

    Right now, we're in the thick of competition season for FIRST Robotics. Some 400,000 kids in more than 80 countries are duking it out in a series of bouts with robots they designed and built themselves. It's all in good fun—intensely competitive and widely watched.
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  4. Fueling STE(a)M Education with Art and Creativity

    Fueling STE(a)M Education with Art and Creativity
    A 2014 study by the American Society for Engineering Education noted that STEM education is so successful because the teaching methods are inquiry-based and centered around students. It engages students in solving real-world challenges. It encourages teamwork. It shows how to use mathematics in a meaningful way that students will actually use later in life.
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