Bishop-Wisecarver Scores Big

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More than 115 million viewers are expected to watch Super Bowl 50 this weekend. The annual game is a highlight for many football fans who spend the day eating, watching game interviews and cheering on their favorite team. Not many people can track one of their most famous inventions to watching a football game, but Bud Wisecarver is clearly not like most people.

Creating a Guided Motion System for Any Environment

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Guided motion animates the manufacturing universe. Tracks, wheels and systems they comprise move the machinery and automate the equipment we use to create countless products that fuel our economy and advance our society.

DualVee Vacuum Wheels Nominated for Golden Mousetrap Award

By Bishop-Wisecarver in Dualvee, Products
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The Golden Mousetrap Awards recognizes technologies driving progress in the design and manufacturing field. The program, hosted by UBM Canon, awards companies contributing to the renaissance of American manufacturing and promotes engineering and manufacturing as viable career paths for the next generation.