White Paper: DualVee® Motion Technology Outperforms the Competition

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” Oscar Wilde


This famous quote is a fitting introduction for Bishop-Wisecarver’s latest technical white paper that presents extensive testing results proving  Genuine DualVee® Wheels & Track Outperform Copy Products.  These competitor products fail to perform to the same levels as DualVee®, and their product limitations not only hinder machine reliability, but also increase the total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers. This paper outlines various factors that influence TCO, including those related to:

  • Installation and break-in requirements
  • Load capacity and wear
  • Reliability, maintenance, and repair
  • Design support from guided motion component supplier


Multiple tests were performed and results are included throughout the white paper.  As just one example, radial testing revealed that 88% of DualVee® wheels exceeded their predicted life in the high load conditions, and 100% exceeded their predicted life in the lower load conditions. In contrast, less than 5% of the competitor “copy” wheels met their predicted life in the high load conditions, and instead failed before their own calculations would indicate.


Other companies continue trying to copy our DulaVee technology, but as this white paper clearly illustrates, not all vee guides are created equally. Stick with the proven, Bishop-Wisecarver original to keep your machines running reliably and your TCO as low as possible.