Bishop-Wisecarver Scores Big
Bud has been an Oakland Raiders fan long before the term “Raider Nation” came into play. But Bud is also a prolific inventor so his mind is never far from solving yet another problem. In the fall of 1968, Bud was watching a Raiders game on T.V. and toying with Vee wheels. While watching the game at the kitchen table, he began designing the double angular contact bearing technology that would later become known as DualVee® guide wheels, which have remained Bishop-Wisecarver Group’s (BWG) signature product since they were patented in 1972.

Just like football, the DualVee Linear Guide Wheels produced by BWG today are tough and can be customized depending on various needs. From stock, they are available in 52100 steel or 440C stainless steel and consist of both an external and internal 90 degree vee angle. These wheels are available for cleanroom, debris-laden, vacuum, wash-down, low-temperature and high-temperature applications and BWG has developed a robust line of products based on the DualVee technology.

Bud doesn’t recall who won that Raiders game back in 1968, but whatever happened on the field (good or bad), helped Bud invent yet another product. This solution would give his company the linear motion focus it’s had for more than 40 years – now that’s a winning number.