Bishop-Wisecarver Strike Out Cancer
More than 30 employees joined Bishop-Wisecarver’s first “Bowl-A-Thon to Strike Out Cancer” at Delta Bowl in Antioch at the end of last year. With each pin worth 25 cents, spares worth $5 and strikes at $10, some employees weren’t sure their skill level could help, but working as teams, they made a big difference. Of course, it also helps to have employees like Johnny Craven, the ace-in-the-hole for his team since he was previously a professional bowler. Craven has been with BWG for more 10 years - first as the manufacturing floor manager and currently a production manager at the company. With his long work history at BWG, most colleagues weren’t aware of his “secret past” and skill.

“I haven’t bowled professionally since 1992 so my numbers aren’t like they were, but that’s not my focus. I currently have a close friend in Texas battling cancer, and I’ve had several family members fight it as well. It is an awful disease and if I can throw a ball down the lane to help find a cure, I’m all for it.”

Craven did throw a few balls and had the high score of the event, as well as leading his team to the winning position. His 13 strikes and 10 spares definitely helped raise the numbers, but it took all the employees to reach $3615.50. BWG then rounded it up to $4K for the donation to the American Cancer Society.

Talk of this year’s event has already started so employees should start practicing now to see if they can beat Craven’s score and increase the donation amount!