Getting Back to the Basics with Linear Guides 101 Webinar

Let’s get back to the basics! Chances are, since you are reading this blog, you have some working knowledge or interest in linear motion technology. But has anyone ever explained the foundational knowledge key to long term success in selecting the best motion solutions moving forward? If not, this is that day.


Our recent webinar with Machine Design - Linear Guides 101: The Basics of Linear Guide Technology - is a 35 minute primer helping explain everything from the common types of linear guides, industry terminology and jargon, benefits of guide wheel motion technology and product life estimates. It provides an accurate picture of the top concerns when assessing linear guide systems and the applications in which they work best.


Wheel-based linear guide technology is made of three components - guide wheels, wheel mounting elements, and linear guide track. Bishop-Wisecarver’s DualVee® linear vee groove guide wheels provide quiet, low friction motion in even the most extreme conditions and the benefits of this design are discussed in detail.


And while product understanding is great, it is equally important to know the life expectancy of a product and how to best extend that to save time and money in replacements. Brian Burke, Product Engineer at Bishop-Wisecarver and  webinar presenter, discusses multiple load and life considerations for the guide wheels and provides a huge tip. “The number one important thing you need to worry about is lubrication. You can run a bearing on a linear rail without lubrication, but it results in approximately 90 percent reduction in service life.” 


Linear guide technology is capable of high speeds, high load capacities, and minimal maintenance - with the right implementation. Taking time to learn the basics of the technology can help you successfully select and implement needed solutions for your own challenging projects.