Bishop-Wisecarver Hosts Manufacturing Day 2018
Discussing the myths vs realities of manufacturing is a priority for Bishop-Wisecarver as we know once students better understand the truths of this industry, more of them will choose this career path. From mentoring girls interested in STEM careers to sponsoring robotics groups, the Bishop-Wisecarver team is active in showing the modern, high tech opportunities in manufacturing.

Hosting facility tours as part of the annual Manufacturing Day is another important part of educating the community on the benefits of manufacturing. Surveys from this national program show that 64% of students who have attended a MFG Day event are more motivated to consider a career in manufacturing. And 84% are more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding.

These are the kind of results that will make a long-term difference in finding quality workers for the manufacturing industry. Read our latest press release to find out more about Bishop-Wisecarver’s plans for this year’s Manufacturing Day on October 5th.