East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (EBAMP)

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When I mention that I work in the manufacturing industry, many people are genuinely surprised. They don’t realize manufacturing is still an incredibly large and growing – yes, growing – industry that is desperately trying to find enough workers to fill current and projected openings and the wages and benefits are usually higher than average.

Industrial Careers Pathway (ICP)

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“What are your plans after graduation?” It’s a question heard often this time of year as high school students are finishing tests, signing yearbooks and making plans for the next chapter in their lives. Do they choose college, tech school, career or travel? Do they have enough information to help make such choices?

Sites and Sounds from Manufacturing Day 2015

By Pamela Kan in STEM, FIRST, Reflection, Local, Industry, Women in Manufacturing, Education, Engineering, Robotics, Manufacturing Day, Internship
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“This place looks totally different than I expected.”
“I didn’t realize there were so many different types of jobs.”
“That could be my starting salary? No way!”
“There are how many job openings?”
“This is fun. I could do this job.”

These questions and comments could be heard throughout our manufacturing site earlier this month as Bishop-Wisecarver again participated in the national Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) event.

Celebrating 65 Years of Service

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Since 1950, Bishop-Wisecarver has grown tremendously in terms of staff, our product offerings and the milestones we've achieved. As we approach the 65th anniversary this month, we are reflecting on how this all started and look forward to a future of continued growth.

Guided Motion Solutions for the Prefab Home Industry

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What comes to mind when you think of prefabricated homes? A mobile home park? Vinyl siding, steel roofs, monotonous rows of trailers or lackluster bungalows?

A Long Length Challenge in the Industrial Fabric Industry—Solved!

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As manufacturers come up with new industrial applications, they increasingly rely on linear motion systems because of their reliability, high speed, accurate positioning, long life and low maintenance.

We’re a Lean, Green Manufacturing Machine!

By Pamela Kan in Industry
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Several years ago I wrote about being Lean and Green. I asked the question – “Is it hard to be 'green' or is it really just more the discipline of looking at how to run your business in a more efficient way?” One that improves your bottom line as well as reduces your impact on the environment; not regulated by government, but regulated by common sense to use the least amount of resources (lower costs) to produce your product.

A Closer Look at Trends in Manufacturing

By Bishop-Wisecarver in Industry
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The manufacturing industry has changed a lot throughout the years and will continue to do so at an increasingly faster pace. One of the most noticeable changes is the renewed awareness of government officials and economists, who publicly recognize manufacturing as the real driving force of a strong economy.

Pi Day 2015 – Combining Math & Food for a Celebration of the Century

By Pamela Kan in Products, Industry
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Full disclosure, math is not my best subject, in fact it ruined my chances at becoming a pharmacist, but when 3.14.15 comes around only once in a century, we need to celebrate! While I may not be stellar at math I love STEM and making sure our kids are getting a great STEM based experience in school. So we combined two of our favorite subjects – math and food – and built the first ever Bishop-Wisecarver Pie Making Machine in honor of Pi Day 2015. You won’t find it added to our sales catalog just yet, but you can check out what products we used to build it in a list I’ve included below.
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