Capturing Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

Bishop-Wisecarver (BW) has always focused on delivering high quality linear motion solutions on-time and on-budget, and we have monitored our performance and results for years. Every year since 2012 we have asked our customers to provide candid and confidential feedback to us about our products and service as well as areas on where we can improve. We are blessed with thousands of pieces of feedback from long-time valued customers. Here are the results from our 2020 survey.

Four Primary Reasons Why Clients Choose and Like Working with Bishop-Wisecarver

  1. 1. Bishop-Wisecarver products work great – in the most harsh & hostile environments
    The wide range of linear motion products not only work precisely as designed and reliably for years, but customers installing them in extremely harsh environments experience long, reliable performance lives – far superior to other products. They operate in corrosive environments (chemical plants and fields), dirty facilities (animal processing plants) and gritty locations (oil & gas locations).

  2. 2. Our service is the #1 driver of satisfaction
    Outstanding customer service was the #1 most distinguishing factor mentioned by customers, (high quality products as the #2 factor). Customer service was rated as “Top Box” by 75% of customers as well with shout-outs to the proactive and responsive customer service team, the knowledgeable sales reps and the technical Application Engineers.
    “BW is awesome to work with and is very attentive to my company's needs and urgencies.”
  3. 3. BW performs better than the competition on the factors that matter most
    Customers assess several factors about purchasing decisions, rating what's most important. Over 80% of customers ranked these decision factors “Extremely/Very Important”. For these six factors, 45%-70% of customers rated Bishop-Wisecarver “Much Better or Better than the Competition”. We work hard to be the best supplier to our customers and it seems to be showing up for the majority of customers.
  4. 4. Bishop-Wisecarver consistently and reliably delivers – earning their trust and loyalty
    A majority of Bishop-Wisecarver customers come back time and again. Knowing that the products work great, operate reliably over time, require less maintenance than other solutions and that they are backed with responsive customer service and technical support, choosing Bishop-Wisecarver for their next project is an easy decision.
    “Bishop-Wisecarver has yet to cause me even one issue in the two years that I have been working with them.”

Bishop-Wisecarver ’s Net Promoter Score – Improving and Building a Lead on the Industry

Bishop-Wisecarver measured their Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on the question, “How likely are you to recommend Bishop-Wisecarver?” The survey results showed an NPS score of +58 for Bishop-Wisecarver– higher than the manufacturing industry average of +39 (source: ClearlyRated, 2020).

Two Areas Where Customers Would Like to See Improvements – That We are Working On

  1. 1. Digital Experience
    The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the need to work virtually and electronically with every company – and every individual. Bishop-Wisecarver has embraced this “new normal” by working to expand our capabilities in the following areas:
    • Expanded ecommerce ordering & payment capabilities – easy reordering, simplifying the ordering and payment processes
    • CAD Downloads – simplify your design experience
    • Virtual Sales consultation – Zoom with our Sales team to find the right fit
    • Virtual Design appointments – Zoom with our Engineers to custom design your solution
    • Online Configurator – create your own design and get a quick quote 24/7
  2. 2. Delivering a Signature Experience that helps improve your business
    Bishop-Wisecarver delivers an experience that not only helps improve your business performance, but one that creates a positive impression that customers can count on for future projects. The Signature Experience Principles that we are working to deliver at every stage of your experience include:
    • Getting the right fit for your specific application
    • Getting a fast quote for budgeting and feedback
    • Ensuring that your conditions of success are met for the project
    • Proactively keeping you up-to-date on the status of your order
    • Getting a customized solution - even for 1 unit
    • Having your needs documented prior to recommending a solution

We Still Need Your Input

Thank you to everyone that participated in last year's survey. We would like to thank you for your business and your feedback – the foundations of great business relationships. Please do not hesitate to reach out and provide suggestions on how we can help your business become more successful.

Pamela Kan, President