10 Years & 20 Million Cycles - Linear Guides Going Strong in Textile Application

Loop. Shag. Pile. Plush. Deciding on the type of carpet and the color, and then researching how to get out wine stains and muddy paw prints, is the extent of knowledge most of us have around floor coverings.


But before it ever gets to this point, companies like Griffith Textile Machine Ltd need to manufacture the carpet and they face multiple challenges in the process. The primary concern is ensuring their carpet manufacturing equipment can withstand the harsh environmental conditions inherent with the significant amount of dust and fibers from the materials used. These can cause mechanical damage and catastrophic failure that cost the company time and money.


The carpet machine’s linear guidance systems needed to deliver reliable motion with low maintenance in this debris-filled environment, which is why the OEM turned to vee guide technology. And more specifically, company engineers selected the HepcoMotion GV3 linear guides from Bishop-Wisecarver for their two Griffith Fast Ax2 carpet weaving machines that produce carpet at three times the rate of previously available machines.

 Griffith Textiles

The Griffith Fast Ax2 carpet weaving machine is a 4-meter-wide machine that produces carpet with up to twelve colors of wool woven in an endless pattern repeat. The machine is fully computer-controlled and produces carpet at three thimes the rate of previously machines — 700m² of carpet in 24 hours.

Even in this extreme environment, the Fast AX2 works 24 hours a day, five days a week.

And for over 10 years, the machine has woven over 20 million cycles with the same GV3 guide wheels. You don’t need to be an expert in the textile industry to understand that kind of incredible success!


Check out a recent Design World article that highlights more details about this customized product and the long-term results. Also, go to our website to read more about HepcoMotion GV3 or watch this video.