Linear Motion

  1. Getting Back to the Basics with Linear Guides 101 Webinar

    Getting Back to the Basics with Linear Guides 101 Webinar
    Let’s get back to the basics! Chances are, since you are reading this blog, you have some working knowledge or interest in linear motion technology. But has anyone ever explained the foundational knowledge key to long term success in selecting the best motion solutions moving forward? If not, this is that day.
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  2. Announcing New UtiliTrak VC Wheel Plate

    Announcing New UtiliTrak VC Wheel Plate
    It’s an exciting day for Bishop-Wisecarver, and our customers, as we announced expansion of our successful UtiliTrak® Family with an innovative, hybrid-designed Vee/Crown (VC) wheel plate for commercial applications. This new option simplifies ordering as we now have one solution that works for both vee and open track channels, while also maintaining backwards compatibility with existing UtiliTrak installations for easy direct-field replacements and upgrades.
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  3. Five Fast Facts with FIRST Team 692 – The Fembots

    Five Fast Facts with FIRST Team 692 – The Fembots
    Bishop-Wisecarver Group is sponsoring four high school groups in the 2017 FIRST competitions. Today, we catch up with Nicole Danuwidjaja, 11th grade, Co-Captain of the Fembots team. We asked Nicole to give a one word response to each of the terms below, followed by a short explanation. Take a few moments to read about the hard work and lessons learned by this amazing all girl team.
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  4. East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (EBAMP)

    When I mention that I work in the manufacturing industry, many people are genuinely surprised. They don’t realize manufacturing is still an incredibly large and growing – yes, growing – industry that is desperately trying to find enough workers to fill current and projected openings and the wages and benefits are usually higher than average.
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  5. Bishop-Wisecarver Scores Big

    Bishop-Wisecarver Scores Big
    More than 115 million viewers are expected to watch Super Bowl 50 this weekend. The annual game is a highlight for many football fans who spend the day eating, watching game interviews and cheering on their favorite team. Not many people can track one of their most famous inventions to watching a football game, but Bud Wisecarver is clearly not like most people.
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  6. Four Ideas Worth Sharing from TED@IBM

    Four Ideas Worth Sharing from TED@IBM
    I was lucky to get an invite to the recent TED@IBM talk in San Francisco earlier this month. IBM definitely lived up to their motto “Think”. My brain was stretched and tired by the end of the day. We heard and watched more than 18 speakers and videos. Below are the ones that most intrigued me, especially pertaining to the world of manufacturing, automation, and linear motion.
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