New Product Configurator: Design, Decide and Order

Helping customers quickly is always a priority for Bishop-Wisecarver (BW), but we also want to ensure the best solution for each specific project. What good is fast if it doesn’t solve the problem? With the new Product Configurator customers get both speed and accuracy as the entire process takes approximately 5 minutes and includes CAD drawings, LoPro® actuator product descriptions and even specific stock codes to make the online ordering easier.

Get started by registering as a BW customer and then answer a short list of questions including:

  • Drive type
  • System size
  • System material
  • Carriage type
  • Wheel type
  • Drive configuration
  • Support beam

There might be questions while selecting the various options and we’ve got the answers available on the same screen. Information blocks appear as needed providing additional explanations such as the difference between a ball screw and lead screw or the features of the various wheel types available.

After all answers are submitted, a stock code is built in real time and there is the option to review and download a CAD rendering of the configuration. Customers can then decide to purchase directly from the website and there is always the option of reaching out to a BW application engineer for assistance.

Fast, detailed and accurate service with the most reliable and innovative motion solutions that thrive in harsh and extreme conditions; the Product Configurator keeps our customers moving with confidence.