Earth Day is an Everyday Event

Happy 50th Anniversary to the celebration of Earth Day! The first event in 1970 included approximately 10 percent of the US population that year—20 million people —and is credited with launching the modern environmental movement.

At Bishop-Wisecarver, we appreciate the day of focus to highlight what many manufacturers are doing all year to help the environment and care for the planet. Some people are surprised to learn that manufacturing companies like ours are often conflict-free certified meaning tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, and/or their derivatives are not used in parts or materials we use or sell. This helps us support responsible sourcing practices across our supply chains. Companies can also work to be green certified where we commit to going over and beyond what is required to conserve resources, prevent pollution, reduce waste and shrink our carbon footprint.

Learn more about three of our environmental certifications here. And join us in finding ways to honor and support Earth Day on April 22, as well as the 364 remaining days of the year.

Earth Day Bishop-Wisecarver Certifications