4 Videos in 10 Minutes: Motion Technology Overviews for Long Lasting Success

Most of us have more action items on our lists, but less time to complete them. We need the best information and resources to make successful decisions, but we don’t have extra hours to make that happen. With that in mind, Bishop-Wisecarver developed 4 short videos that provide overviews of some of our most popular motion technology products.


The benefits, sizes, materials, customized options and applications for each of these products is quickly noted, as well as an emphasis on durability in harsh and extreme environments. After all, the less time needed to reorder and reinstall products the better.


In less than 10 minutes, learn about:


DualVee: DualVee guide wheels and track are the flagship products of Bishop-Wisecarver and provide the foundation of UtiliTrak and LoPro products. This distinctive vee guide wheel provides quiet, low friction motion in even the most extreme conditions, comes in a diverse array of sizes, materials, and flexible mounting options, and can be customized to exact specifications and needs.


UtiliTrak and UtiliTrak VC: UtiliTrak is the ideal choice for running two systems in parallel, where one slide uses DualVee guide wheels and the other uses MadeWell® crowned rollers. Because precise parallelism is difficult to achieve, it is not uncommon for mounting surfaces to be slightly out of parallel. UtiliTrak's design compensates for mounting errors, and does not require absolute parallelism for accurate operation.


LoPro Linear Actuator: LoPro linear actuators are an actuated linear motion system based upon the DualVee guide wheel technology for smooth and quiet motion over long lengths. Actuation options include AT series belt, ANSI roller chain, lead screw, and ball screw. LoPro linear actuators are also available in a non-actuated version. LoPro linear actuators provide a tough, cost effective, low friction, low profile modular solution, built to withstand a wide range of operating environments.


And if these videos spur interest and more questions, contact sales@bwc.com for additional details.