Five Fast Facts with FIRST Team 7593 - The TigerBots
Photo:TigerBots - mostly rookies - at Bishop-Wisecarver Manufacturing Day
Venetia Prontzos (freshman), Jade Costello (freshman), Wendy Hu (sophomore), Lucy Sun (junior and BWC representative), Vineela Vandanapu (freshman), Sarah Fazio (freshman), Caitlin Wallace (freshman), Jace Cen (freshman)

Notre Dame High School – Belmont, California

Bishop-Wisecarver Group is sponsoring four high school groups in the 2017 FIRST competitions. Today, we catch up with three 9th grade members of the TigerBots: Jade Costello, Co-Leader of Build Team, Caitlin Wallace, Build Team Member and Vineela Vandanapu, Programming Team Member. We asked them to give a one word response to each of the terms below followed by a short explanation. Take a few moments to read about the hard work and lessons learned by these incredible students!

FIRST Robotics Team TigerBots
Photo: BURLINGAME Qualifier
Drive Coach Eden Grown-Haeberli, Dominique Sullivan, and Driver Amber Shao

  1. FIRST Challenge 2017 - Velocity Vortex
    — Making a shooter for our robot for the first time was a new challenge for the team, as well as realizing that the intake and the shooter had to operate very quickly if we wanted to score high points because of the limited number of balls on the field.

  2. Team
    — When our shooter was not accurate, we continued innovating until it worked consistently and when team members had to step down or change roles, other members were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones to serve as leaders and drivers.

  3. Strengths
    — We were really proud to win an Inspire Award from the judges at our first qualifier because it meant that as a team, with a new system of shared leadership (a triad) and many rookies, we still overcame obstacles and performed well.

  4. Challenges
    — One of the biggest challenges for our team was consistency with our robot. It exhibited electrical problems throughout the season due to faulty DIMs (device interface module), limited strain relief, and connectors which kept loosening. When we changed the original placement of the wheels on our robot to make it more stable, this meant we had to add more gears and the increased vibrations caused our wheels to continually fall off!

  5. Goals
    Rebuild & Improve” — (We let them have two words!)

    We graduated 8 seniors last season so our goals include recruiting and developing new members for all parts of the team, as well as training rookies in building and programming skills. We also want to start CADing mechanisms.

Team Tigerbots at Work
Photo: TigerBots @ Work - Emma Williams (junior)

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