Employee Spotlight: Mary Petrie, Associate Product Manager
In today’s mobile society, young professionals often move away from home to attend college and then take jobs anywhere around the world. But Bishop-Wisecarver Group’s newest hire is a true local who is glad to work in her hometown - the same community this company has been supporting for more than 65 years. Today we interview Mary Petrie who has just started her second month as the company’s first Associate Product Manager.

Q: How long have you lived in the East Bay?
A: My family moved here when I was just learning to walk so it’s been more than 20 years.

Q: What is your prior experience and how did it prepare you for your new role at BWG?
A: Most recently, my work has focused on SaaS technology start-ups and helping in a variety of marketing activities, but primarily content and email marketing. One of the benefits of a start-up environment is learning how to do a variety of tasks in a short amount of time and that has helped me quickly get up to speed on BWG’s products and services.

Q: What surprised you about the manufacturing environment versus that of high tech?
A: First, there is actually a lot more technology that happens in the manufacturing environment than I realized so it isn’t as big of a transition as expected. But my biggest surprise was realizing how much our society relies on companies like Bishop-Wisecarver. Once I learned what we do, I see it everywhere – when I walk into a grocery store or view large windows. I now think about the tracks used on sliding doors or mechanisms that help move large objects. I don’t see any piece of equipment without wondering what is helping make it slide or move.

Q: What is your main role at BWG?
A: As the first associate product manager my job is to support our lead product manager, Brian Burke, who is well known and well respected in this industry. He is already a great mentor. I serve as a translator of sorts between the engineers and marketing teams– taking the languages they both speak and developing results that make our clients successful.

Q: What was one of the reasons you elected to work at BWG?
A: I was, and still am, so impressed with the way BWG invests in this great community. The East Bay has so much to offer and I love living here. It’s home for me and knowing the company I work for is providing tangible, life-changing support to schools, non-profits and organizations in this area lets me give back to those who helped make it possible for me to be here in the first place.

Fun Facts about Mary

Favorite movie: I love action and superhero movies so anything with Marvel is great.

Favorite place to take tourists: I’m a huge foodie and have been scoping out the best food spots for years. Whatever type of food someone wants, I have a recommendation.

Favorite all around restaurant: Corners Tavern in Walnut Creek. It has everything – great food, fun drinks and a lively atmosphere. Whatever food you choose from the menu is going to taste amazing.

Dogs or Cats: I call myself an “every animal” type of person, but I only own one - a cockapoo dog named Max. He likes to play tug of war and sun himself like a cat. It’s been great bringing him to work and letting him get to know other dog friends at the office.