Five Fast Facts with FIRST Team 1967 – The Janksters
Photo: This is the Janksters Drive Team from 2016 Cal Games, one of the last off-season competitions for the 2015-2016 game challenge (FIRST Stronghold). Paulina has been on drive team since her freshman year! Last year, she was the robot's driver.

Notre Dame High School – San Jose, California

Bishop-Wisecarver Group is sponsoring four high school groups in the 2017 FIRST Robotics competitions. Today, we catch up with Paulina Robles, 12th grade, Mechanical Committee Head of the Janksters team. We asked Paulina to give a one word response to each of the terms below, followed by a short explanation. Take a few moments to read about the hard work and lessons learned by this all female team!

FIRST Robotics Team Janksters

Photo: Paulina and her fellow co-mechanical head, Julia, are presenting during the Janksters' annual Robot Reveal Night, a night at the end of build season when the team presents their robot to parents, teachers, and friends.

  1. FIRST Challenge 2017
    — Every year, the FIRST challenge is different and challenging, but fun; we like to say it's the hardest fun we've ever experienced!

  2. Team
    — Everyone on the team is close; during the build season, students spend a countless number of hours working, collaborating, and spending time with each other.

  3. Strengths
    — Everyone on the team is passionate about robotics and seeing the team grow.

  4. Challenges
    “Time Management”
    — Although we do set deadlines for ourselves, it is difficult to always follow through on them.

  5. Goals
    — This year, the team's goal was to have everyone working productively during the meetings, and make the most of their work time.

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