1. Reducing Mechanical Wear in Food Processing while Increasing Productivity

    Reducing Mechanical Wear in Food Processing while Increasing Productivity
    Food processing manufacturers have an increasing number of challenges, whether they are processing vegetables and fruit, filling pastries and baked goods, or cutting meat. This includes keeping up with sanitation, safety and maintenance requirements while maintaining throughput and production quality.
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  2. Long-Term Employees are Key to Bishop-Wisecarver’s Success

    Long-Term Employees are Key to Bishop-Wisecarver’s Success

    “How has your business remained successful for so long? “Bishop-Wisecarver president, Pamela Kan, is asked this question often and answers that passionate, long-term employees are key to the company’s nearly seven decades of success in the industrial automation industry. In a time where the majority of employees are expected to leave a company after just a few years, Bishop-Wisecarver is keeping employees engaged, motivated and learning long beyond the norm.

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  3. Celebrating National Engineers Week – All Year Long

    Celebrating National Engineers Week – All Year Long
    It’s National Engineers Week (February 17-23) and here’s a shout out to our talented Bishop-Wisecarver engineers who design our products, work with customers to get exactly the right solution for their project and help take linear motion to the next level. Day in and day out – they make a difference for us all.
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  4. Busting the Manufacturing Myths in California

    Busting the Manufacturing Myths in California
    Bishop-Wisecarver President, Pamela Kan, is committed to helping change perceptions around the manufacturing industry. Read her latest article “Busting the Manufacturing Myths in California” published in Company Week magazine.
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  5. Bishop-Wisecarver Hosts Manufacturing Day 2018

    Bishop-Wisecarver Hosts Manufacturing Day 2018
    Discussing the myths vs realities of manufacturing is a priority for Bishop-Wisecarver as we know once students better understand the truths of this industry, more of them will choose this career path. From mentoring girls interested in STEM careers to sponsoring robotics groups, the Bishop-Wisecarver team is active in showing the modern, high tech opportunities in manufacturing.
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  6. Made in the Bay Area Manufacturing Innovators Forum

    Join us for an enlightening panel discussion with a group of Bay Area Manufacturing leaders who will discuss industry trends, growth opportunities, challenges and innovative practices.
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  7. Manufacturing – The Industry that Makes a Difference, About Nils Severson

    Manufacturing isn’t a career where you check your brain at the door. It needs great problem solvers who work to meet current customers’ needs, while also developing new innovations for future concerns. The 2015 public perception report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute found that 78 percent of millennials said their decision to work at a company was influenced by how innovative they considered the company to be and having the chance to make a difference.

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  8. Power-Up from The Fembots!

    Power-Up! This was the theme of the 2017-18 First Robotics Competition and focused on two alliances of video game characters and their human operators who are trapped in an arcade game. Both alliances are working to defeat the boss in order to escape.

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  9. Nancy Gaudinier, Providing Signature Experience for the Past 12 Years

    With more than 20,000+ customers during 68 years of business, Bishop-Wisecarver (BW) understands the importance of providing superior customer service. Each year, our BW customers rank our customer service at the highest level and feel the company is more like part of their team than a regular vendor. Taking this commitment to the customer even further, BW has developed a “Signature Experience” program that consistently delivers reliable motion solutions that are on-time, on-budget and on-target, with no surprises.

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  10. Miguel Danao, VP of Finance, to Speak at Adaptive Live 2018

    We are very excited to announce that our very own VP of Finance, Miguel Danao, has been chosen to speak at Adaptive Insight’s annual conference in Las Vegas in May. Finance professionals from around the globe are coming together to speak, discuss, and network on how Adaptive can be used to accomplish business goals.

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