Three Ways Motion Solutions Include More than Metal
At Bishop-Wisecarver, we’ve manufactured patented motion products for nearly seventy years. We take pride in offering our customers a large variety of durable options that provide a low total cost of ownership. From the materials used, to the manufacturing processes we have in place, are what our customers have told us to be the best in the business.

But metal is just part of the answer. A complete motion solution also requires:

  1. 1. Services & Production Related Support
  2. 2. Product Customizations
    • Includes modified standard products, finishing operations, labeling, custom kitting and motorized actuator assemblies.
  3. 3. Engineering Support
    • Our engineers become an extension of your internal team and provide project support for every stage from initial design concept to building the first prototype, performance testing and late product lifecycle cost reduction.
    Read here for more details on each of these areas and learn how Bishop-Wisecarver is proud to be known for metal and much more.