Even as a child, Bud Wisecarver showed a knack for invention. He'd spend countless hours in the garage of his family's Berkeley, Calif., home building electric bikes, coasters and race cars. Even in those early days, his ambitions were defined by two themes: motion and innovation. 

Years later, as a young Marine Corps veteran in 1950, he channeled those same principles into his company. All these decades later, those themes—motion and innovation—remain at the forefront of our minds.

One of Bud's earliest projects after founding his company involved creating a box-filling machine for a local fertilizer packaging plant. When he stepped onto the plant floor, however, he saw how filthy the filling stations got, accumulating product until the machines jammed. 

Rather than leaving the client with flat rollers on track that would require constant cleaning, he doubled down on the assignment. The resulting invention, a double-sided self-cleaning vee-edge bearing, became our signature product: the DualVee Guide Wheel.

As a company, we've held true to that mindset. For one customer, that means maximizing existing space rather than moving to a new facility. For another customer, that means incorporating those same tried-and-true DualVee wheels into their machinery, saving 10 hours a week that were once spent clearing debris from the tracks. 

Like Bud, we approach every challenge with one question in mind: how can we make things more efficient? Because quality engineering enables lean manufacturing, which makes business more cost-effective and profitable for everyone. 

By staying true to Bud's vision in the six-and-a-half decades since this company's founding, we have expanded into virtually every industry. 

Meanwhile, our role has expanded. Not only are we passionate about helping our customers, we care about promoting manufacturing to the broader culture and next generation of inventors. 

As a company, we want to create quality products. As individuals, we want to stand as role models for future engineers and scientists. That's what Bud did, and that's a legacy we're proud to continue into the next 65 years and beyond.

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