Vee Guide Wheel Based Technology – The Right Fit for Harsh & Contaminated Environments
Applications in harsh and contaminated environments often exhibit low durability or premature failure which require frequent service or replacement. Either option means additional time and money spent, and often, a loss of revenue for machinery down time during the process. It causes multiple challenges for busy companies, which is why Bishop-Wisecarver has focused on manufacturing linear motion products that can withstand these extreme environments.

In a recent webinar with Design World, Bishop-Wisecarver VP of Engineering, Garth Reynolds, discussed “Vee Guide wheel based technology – the right fit for debris-laden environments” and highlighted several case studies where this technology has been successful. Bishop-Wisecarver customers span a wide number of industries and just a few of the uses cases included in this webinar are glass cutting, fiberglass processing, waterjet cutting, chicken portioning, melon portioning and bomb detection. Vee Guide wheel based linear guides are designed for durability and performance in these contaminated environments because the vee geometry between the guide wheel and track generates a constant sweeping action when in motion.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more details on each of these benefits of Vee Guide wheel based technology:

  • Ideally suited to tackle extreme and harsh environments
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Provides smoother motion experience
  • Enhances design flexibility