Left: Amy Kiyama (‘20) and Katie Klokkevold (‘18) are testing the climbing mechanism of the robot.
Right (From Left to Right): Theresa Tran (‘20), Katie Klokkevold (‘18), Liz Chui (‘19), Amy Kiyama (‘20), and coach Lisa Marie (‘10) have bagged the robot on the last day of build and are ready for competition.

Bishop-Wisecarver is honored to be in our 11th year of sponsoring the FIRST Robotics Competition. This year, we are again sponsoring The Fembots, an all-female team from St. Francis High School in Sacramento. Today, we catch up with Katie Klokkevold, a Senior and Co-Captain of the team. We asked Katie to give a one-word response to each of the terms below, followed by a short explanation. Take a few moments to read about the hard work and lessons learned by this amazing team.

  1. FIRST Challenge 2018
    “Strategy” – The game is designed so that there needs to be a certain strategy depending on who you are competing against.
  2. Team
    “Determined” – Pushing through the last few weeks and finishing the robot on time takes dedication. Staying late nights and coming extra days to make sure that we get the robot done.

  3. Strengths
    “Communication” – Having communication is key in a team setting. We always try to make sure that everyone knows what the plan is and what happened on that day, even if they were not there.

  4. Challenges
    “Manpower” – At times it feels like having 14 people on the team just is not enough to be able to get the robot done in the six weeks.

  5. Goals
    “Learn more” – We want everyone to be able to expand their knowledge in STEM and business.