Bishop-Wisecarver Group is a proud sponsor of the FIRST® robotics program and, in addition to providing in-kind donations totaling between $150-250K, we also sponsor four regional student teams. In today’s blog, we are proud to feature Team Member Daniel Perez-Sornia of Pittsburg High School Robotics FRC Team 5430, The Robolution Crew, located in Pittsburg, California.

Q: Why did you join the FIRST team at your school?
DPS: I joined the FIRST team because it seemed like it would be a very interesting experience. I had never heard of FIRST before, so I didn’t know what to expect. But as I began to ask around and research about the program, I heard so many positive things that I thought I’d give it a try.

Q: If you have been a member for multiple years, what keeps you involved in this group?
DPS: What keeps us here is the adrenaline rush after hearing the sound of our team being called on the speakers during competitions! It demonstrates what we have done in the six weeks to represent not only ourselves as a team, but also our school and community.

Q: What is the hardest aspect of the FIRST competition?
DPS: The hardest aspect of the FIRST competition is coming together as a group and collaborating with each other about how we should achieve our goals when we all have different ideas of how things should be done.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories from this year or past seasons?
DPS: Watching our mentor walk with the rest of the robotics mentors in the seven year mentors section, holding up our team mascot while everyone is cheering, yelling, and clapping to thank them for their hard work and dedication for their teams was our favorite memory from the past season.