Pudding and Proof in Motion
The proof is in the pudding. It’s an old phrase, and one where the actual words are debated, but the intended meaning has remained according to Merriam-Webster "that the real worth, success, or effectiveness of something can only be determined by putting it to the test by trying or using it, appearances and promises aside."

From a sales perspective, a company can say a product is great or they can prove it by using it themselves. Companies that use their own products have more credibility as they have trusted it to perform, and to help their bottom line, which is exactly what they promise customers.

And HepcoMotion recently did just that by upgrading its core blacking process system with the use of its own HDS2 rack driven gantry system to dip its slides, rings and track system into a multi-station chemical finishing dipping plant. Bishop-Wisecarver is the exclusive North American partner and distributor for HepcoMotion products since 1984.

The gantry is constructed from HepcoMotion’s HDS2 heavy duty linear guides which has a wide range of V bearings and linear components to handle the heaviest loads. Benefits to the system include the ability for precision repeatable movement, low maintenance and the V Guide technology which allows for long-term success in harsh environments, such as a manufacturing company.

Read the case study outlining all the details or check out this one minute video highlighting the main features and showing the system in action. Bishop-Wisecarver and HepcoMotion aren’t just linear motion manufacturers, but linear motion customers themselves. What we sell is what we use. Find more videos explaining how to use our motion products here.