Linear Motion in Meat Band Saws - You Will be Thankful After Reading This

While you can’t use one to cut your turkey for Thanksgiving next week, knowing about meat band saws and their ability to cut through layers of meat and bone at rapid speed, could be a great conversation starter with your in-laws. You’re welcome.


Bishop-Wisecarver’s UtiliTrak® linear guides improve the reliability and usability of manual cutting guides on meat band saws, and the corrosion resistant stainless steel construction means our products last longer in the harsh conditions of recurring washdown cycles.


How it works:

The manual linear guides on commercial meat saws guide a pusher plate, which allows butchers to keep a safe distance from the blade while pushing meat and bone through the band saw. The saw design permits the moving wheel plate of the CR Series UtiliTrak® to slide off the far side of the cutting table, allowing easy removal and re-attachment of the pusher plate during deep cleaning. When the pusher plate is re-attached, the system retains its original smoothness and rigtity. During operation, the vee guide wheels and track wipe away debris, including incredibly abrasive bone dust.


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Meat band saws. Linear motion. Bone dust. We’ve provided multiple topics of conversation to help with the holiday. And when you are listing all the things you are thankful for, don’t forget the food processing OEMs that work behind the scenes to make that turkey-with-all-the-trimmings meal possible!


Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving from the Bishop-Wisecarver family.