Five Fast Facts with FIRST Team 692 – The Fembots
St. Francis Catholic High School - Sacramento, California

Bishop-Wisecarver Group is sponsoring four high school groups in the 2017 FIRST competitions. Today, we catch up with Nicole Danuwidjaja, 11th grade, Co-Captain of the Fembots team. We asked Nicole to give a one word response to each of the terms below, followed by a short explanation. Take a few moments to read about the hard work and lessons learned by this amazing all girl team.

  1. FIRST Challenge 2017
    — After experiencing stacking recycle bins and totes while tossing noodles and crossing fields and battling robots to shoot boulders, I'm surprised to be still pleasantly surprised by this year's challenge: STEAMWORKS!

  2. Team
    — Our team members all worked together to face challenges, resolve issues, and grow together as a family. As a team, the Fembots unified as one to come up with a strategy for STEAMWORKS.

  3. Strengths
    — Within 6 weeks, our team grew with our sisterhood and our ability to work with each other. As a strength, working as a team helped us better understand what we can accomplish within our sub-teams to build a coherent robot.

  4. Challenges
    — Managing the time and keeping up the constant pressure to finish the robot within the Build Season of 6 weeks was by far our toughest challenge.

  5. Goals
    — The Fembots hope to continue to improve as a team and increase our knowledge base for the future. Learning from each year's strengths and weaknesses of the team will help us reach towards our goal of becoming a team that can improve in its mastery and make the Fembots a memorable and rewarding experience.

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