Guided Motion Solutions a Must for Medical Analysis Equipment

When performing vital tests in hospitals or clinical labs, results must be accurate and quick. Prescribed medical care for individuals, or decisions that could impact large groups of people, are depending on these results and no one wants a delay.


A Bishop-Wisecarver customer manufactures benchtop immunoassay analyzers that can perform such tests to detect viruses, bacteria and chemicals in samples. These analyzers can run either 12 tests or 30 tests simultaneously, resulting in dozens or thousands of tests per day on anything from detecting salmonella in food production to COVID-19 in patients. They use BW DualVee® guide wheels and track to provide a compact and reliable method of positioning and scanning the testing kit trays, and our corrosion resistant stainless steel products offer the needed advantage of operating in clean and sterile environments. 


Read more in our recent application story to learn how BW delivers reliably smooth motion throughout the analyzer, with little maintenance required.