HepcoMotion Simple Select Carriage Assembly

  • Add an additional wheel plate carriage to Simple Select
  • Carriage assembly with 6 threaded mounting holes
  • Includes vee guide wheels and cap seal wipers
  • Made of high strength aluminum alloy and black anodized
  • Supplied with blanking plugs to seal wheel adjusting holes
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Product Details
Simple Select QuickShipSimple Select products now available as part of the QuickShip Program (ships from our facility in 1 week or less).

All units are fitted with double row bearings and cap seals to ensure a long and trouble-free life. Specifying could not be easier. Simply check the load to be carried against the carriage load capacities and check that the physical size meets your requirements. The carriage features double row ball bearing guide wheels for long and trouble free life. The wheels are covered and protected by cap seal wipers which prevent dirt ingress and ensure constant positive lubrication.


The wheel plate carriages are made from high strength aluminum alloy and are finished in black anodize. They feature pre-mounted and adjusted linear guide bearings with cap seals. The cap seal wheel covers are made from impact resistant thermoplastic elastomer and hold lubricating felt wipers to push debris aside and to apply a light film of lubricating oil. The wheel plate carriage is high speed capable and has a maximum linear speed of 8 m/s when used with a lubricated vee slide.


This configuration is one size 20 wheel plate carriage pre-assembled.


Please call for specific lead-times, or to expedite your order. See additional product lead time information.

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