Working at Bishop-Wisecarver through the Eyes of an Intern
BWC: What did you expect on your first day here?

SF: Since I had no real work experience before the internship, I was unsure what to expect. I based my expectations of internships on their portrayal in movies and TV shows. On the big screen, interns go on coffee runs and get stuck doing work no one else wants to do. So I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

BWC: What did you learn during your time here?  

SF: I learned how marketing works to increase awareness of the company and certain products. By using a multitude of strategies, we can increase traffic to our website and convert those visitors into customers.

BWC: How was this internship meaningful to you?

SF: Interning at Bishop-Wisecarver was important because I thought it would be extremely beneficial to work on the engineering/manufacturing side of business. Since the field seems to be expanding every day, getting some hands-on experience was imperative to me. 

BWC: What lessons have you learned here that you can apply at school or at future jobs?

SF: One of the main lessons I learned here was that in business (and in life) you have to be prepared and organized. Everyone I worked with was very diligent when it came to setting certain goals for the week, and they almost always accomplished the goals they set because they had prepared for them. Since the marketing team was working with a limited number of people, everyone had to be as productive and efficient as possible with their time. 

BWC: What new skill did you learn?

SF: I gained a solid understanding of the many different computer programs (marketing automation and customer relationship management) the marketing team uses to increase productivity. Before my internship, I was unaware these programs ever existed and was fascinated to learn how helpful they can be. 

BWC: What was the best part about your internship?

SF: The best part of the internship was getting to work with the people who make up the marketing team. No matter what job you are doing, it's always better when you enjoy the people around you. The entire company, and specifically the marketing team, did an incredible job of making my time here enjoyable. 

BWC: What was your greatest accomplishment?

SF: I feel my greatest accomplishments happen when I help the team accomplish a goal. So if the 65th anniversary celebration turns out well this month, I would consider my help in planning that was my greatest achievement.

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