We are celebrating National Inventor’s Day by honoring our own Bud Wisecarver!
With more than 66 years of innovations spanning linear motion to bread trays to midget racing cars, Bud has solved a wide range of problems and made things work better for us all. With a mind that is always in motion, Bud acquired multiple patents, ran a successful company for decades and is still pursuing new ideas and solutions.

Take a moment to read just some of Bud’s accomplishments in the manufacturing industry. While Bud doesn’t like to talk about himself, we convinced him to talk on camera a few years ago so others could learn from his experiences. You can hear from Bud directly at The Life of an Inventor.

Bud’s inventions have shaped an industry and left a lasting legacy that goes beyond one company or industry. And his work continues as Bishop-Wisecarver supports young inventors with the FIRST Robotics Competition. Bud will be watching this year’s competitions and cheering on the next generation of inventors. And when he sees their inventions, Bud might just get a few new ideas of his own. Inventors can retire, but they don’t stop working!

Pictures from Bud's Birthday Luncheon