National Mentoring Month Lasts All Year at Bishop-Wisecarver
STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

January is National Mentoring Month—a great way to promote the benefits and needs of mentoring in our country. If you have read through even a few of the Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG) blog posts, it is easy to see we place a company-wide focus on mentoring, especially in STEAM-related activities for students. It’s a commitment of time, money and effort embraced by the leadership and employees to help students learn about STEAM-related opportunities, feel encouraged to pursue careers in these areas, and help build confidence that they already have connections willing to support their efforts.

Astra STEAM Summits
While BWG provides sponsorship and support for numerous programs, we also provide one-on-one mentoring. Pamela Kan, president of BWG, participates in several STEAM-related events and most recently at the ASTRA S.T.E.A.M. Summits in 2016. These Summits provide the teenage girl participants with practical business experience and mentoring by STEAM industry women CEOs. The mentoring aspect was a great benefit to the participants, but also to Pamela who was able to follow up with several of the girls, answer their more detailed questions, and provide them with access to her at any time moving forward.

Million Women Mentors STEAM Data
Progress is being made in STEAM-related education, especially with females, but there is still much to be done. Check out this infographic from Million Women Mentors showing the steps forward and the paths still needing to be forged:

Mentoring is More than a Month
It’s great to highlight the importance of mentoring in the month of January. It’s a time when people are assessing their priorities, making resolutions, and wanting to make a difference in the coming year. No downside to any of that! But at BWG, we look at mentoring as a year-long, year-after-year commitment. Students, especially females, need our support. We know it makes a difference to the statistics, but more importantly, to each of the individuals we meet and work with moving forward.

We’re encouraging everyone to take this focus of January and make it last all year!