MinVee Track Support

• Simplify mounting of double edge track
• Drilled through holes for easy installation
• Compact extreded aluminum profile
• Provides continuous linear support of guide track
• Matching double edge tracks available
As low as $12.73
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MinVee track support extrusion is used with MinVee double edge linear guide track. Provides continuous linear support of the guide track with a compact profile and mounting holes to match double edge drilled track lengths. Made from hard anodized aluminum extrusion, this compact track support is easy to assemble with common fastener hardware. Mount to t-slot extrusions with t-nuts, or into threaded holes. Available in standard lengths with drilled mounting holes. Non-standard hole patterns or lengths can be accommodated and are quoted upon request.


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More Information
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Application Stories  
Catalog URL https://www2.bwc.com/rs/872-EFC-487/images/MinVee_Catalog_BishopWisecarver_3_2015.pdf
CAD File URL https://bwc-hepcomotion-embedded.partcommunity.com/portal/portal/bwc-hepcomotion-embedded?info=bwc/minvee/track_support.prj
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