MinVee Wheel Plate Assembly

  • Assembly with guide wheels and track lubricators
  • Threaded hole pattern for attachment points
  • Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Miniature size for compact installation
  • Various wheel types including polymer, carbon steel, stainless steel low temperature, stainless steel high temperature
As low as $159.82
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Product Details

MinVee linear slides systems are composed of a compact carriage assembly and a double edged track. Non-actuated MinVee linear slides in size 0 are available with your choice of carriage assemblies with steel or polymer DualVee wheels. Stainless steel lubricator housings and felt lubrication pads are included in MinVee linear slides are to provide lubricant between the track and wheel interface. Low profile MinVee linear slides are ideal for semiconductor, laboratory, medical and packaging application.

MinVee tracks feature a self-aligning mounting shoulder, reducing installation time and cost. Stainless steel stand-offs and an aluminum spacer for mounting track are also available.

Two examples of MinVee wheel plate, track, and aluminum support: one system mounted to a machined block, and another mounted to an aluminum extrusion.

MinVee track support extrusion is used with MinVee double edge linear guide track. Provides continuous linear support of the guide track with a compact profile and mounting holes to match double edge drilled track lengths. Made from hard anodized aluminum extrusion, this compact track support is easy to assemble with common fastener hardware. Mount to t-slot extrusions with t-nuts, or into threaded holes. Available in standard lengths with drilled mounting holes. Non-standard hole patterns or lengths can be accommodated and are quoted upon request.

Please call for specific lead-times, or to expedite your order. See additional product lead time information.Please call for specific lead-times, or to expedite your order. See additional product lead time information.
DualVee Medical Immunoanalyzer


Providing Smooth Operation in a Compact Profile for Medical Equipment


A manufacturer of desktop analyzers required a compact and reliable method of positioning and scanning the testing kit trays. The trays extend to provide easy access for the user to add samples to the reagent kits, then get drawn into the analyzer during operation. The reagent kits are scanned using a moving scanner head, which also required guided motion.


PRODUCT USED: DualVee Wheels and Track

Miniature Linear Guides

Track Support for Easy Installation

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