Making Strategic Partners Work – Podcast with Pamela Kan
That’s one of our mottos at Bishop-Wisecarver Group and is intended to encourage all employees to take chances, try new ideas, learn from mistakes and use them to achieve success. It’s often said we learn more from our failures than we do our successes, but we want to learn as quickly as possible!

Recently, BWG’s president, Pamela Kan, was the guest business speaker on a Scaling Up podcast - Making Strategic Partnerships Work - and the topic included failure. Specifically, she discussed how one failed strategic partnership effort provided lessons for creating strong, successful, long-lasting partnerships moving forward. While the lesson wasn’t fun, the positive impact on the company has been invaluable and Pamela hopes others can learn from her experience.

Scaling Up podcasts are hosted by business coach Bill Gallagher, with Humanisteq Coaching. He helps businesses of all sizes “Scale Up” successfully and beat the odds of business growth success.

Listen to the podcast and help your business grow with successful strategic partnerships. And when you make a mistake in some other area, remember to Fail Fast and keep moving.