UtiliTrak Wheel Plate Brake Kit

  • Manual position locking brake kit
  • Attaches to end of UT Wheel Plate over the molded wiper
  • Adjustable position handle can be moved while tight
  • Hard anodized aluminum clamp flexes to contact track
  • Easy to field retrofit
As low as $91.12
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Product Details
UtiliTrak wheel plate brake kit enable the field retrofit of a UT wheel plate and provides a manual position locking brake to clamp the wheel plate onto a fixed location along the linear guide track. Made from hard anodized aluminum, the brake flexes to contact the outside surfaces of the track. Locking handle is an adjustable position, similar to a ratchet, and can be moved while the clamp remains tight. Brake kit attaches over the molded track wiper on the end of the wheel plate assembly using a longer socket head screw and is compatible with both the aluminum and steel track versions.


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Manual Brake System

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