DualVee Journals

• Used for mounting guide wheels into reamed through holes
• Attach the DualVee wheel to one end, and mount using the othe end
• Assemblies include mounting washers and nuts
• Available in concentric and eccentric offset versions
• AISI 303 stainless steel with stainless hardware
• Allows for blind adjustment from behind a mounting surface
As low as $20.47
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DualVee journals provide a simple method for mounting guide wheels in a precise and rigid fashion. Attach the guide wheel to one end and then mount the journal in a reamed through hole. Concentric version is for mounting to a fixed location. Use with the eccentric version which has an offset shank to provide an adjustable position and allow wheel fit up adjustment to parallel guide track. Assembly contains the necessary washer and nuts.


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Catalog URL https://na-ab16.marketo.com/rs/872-EFC-487/images/DualVee_Catalog_Bishop_Wisecarver.pdf
CAD File URL https://bwc-hepcomotion-embedded.partcommunity.com/portal/portal/bwc-hepcomotion-embedded?info=bwc/dual_vee/journal/journal_asmtab.prj
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