MinVee Double Edge Track

• Linear guide track with double 90° vee surfaces
• AISI 1045 carbon steel, hardened or soft
• Undrilled or Drilled through holes for easy installation
• Mounting shoulder for accurate positioning of vee ways
• Provided polished and oiled
As low as $19.04
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Product Details
MinVee double edge linear guide track has a pair of opposing 90° vee way surfaces for use with MinVee guide wheels. Double edge track is available in soft condition and in a hardened condition. The vee surfaces are induction hardened for durability but material remains soft below the mounting shoulder, allowing for drilling or other machining. Track is available in a variety of standard lengths and can be provided in custom lengths. Available with or without mounting holes. Provided polished and oiled. Available finish operations include black oxide, thin dense chrome, or nickel plating and non-standard hole patterns or lengths can be accommodated and are quoted upon request.   Please call for specific lead-times, or to expedite your order. See additional product lead time information.   Available made-to-order with user specified length, hole spacing, and machining.Download cut sheet to specify dimensions.
DualVee Medical Immunoanalyzer


Providing Smooth Operation in a Compact Profile for Medical Equipment


A manufacturer of desktop analyzers required a compact and reliable method of positioning and scanning the testing kit trays. The trays extend to provide easy access for the user to add samples to the reagent kits, then get drawn into the analyzer during operation. The reagent kits are scanned using a moving scanner head, which also required guided motion.


PRODUCT USED: DualVee Wheels and Track

Miniature Linear Guides

Track Support for Easy Installation

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