DualVee® Robot Transfer Units


Both traditional and collaborative robots can benefit from Bishop-Wisecarver 7th Axis Robot Transfer Units. DualVee® RTU-H is suited for high capacity applications. Each system is designed for durability, ease of installation, and low total cost of ownership. Our expert application engineers can help you select the complete 7th axis system solution that is right for you, or customize a solution to meet your exact requirements.

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Product Details

Add extremely durable 7th axes and robot transfer units (RTUs) for your favorite robot brands

Support and transfer robot arms of any size with Bishop-Wisecarver’s suite of robot transfer solutions. We provide reliable, long-lasting RTUs and 7th axis systems for all your favorite brands of cobots and industrial arms.

Our expertly designed robot transfer systems excel in even the harshest environments and most extreme applications. Each system is built on DualVee Motion Technology® for self-cleaning guidance, low maintenance, and unparalleled dependability.

Many solutions that run on DualVee guide wheels require no maintenance over the planned life of the machine. This ability to excel in critical applications makes Bishop-Wisecarver's solutions ideal for drilling, welding, painting, and more.

DualVee RTU-H

DualVee RTU


Included Elements and Standard Options:

  • Robust rack driven module(s)
  • Carriage with hole pattern matching your selected robot
  • 20:1 planetary gearbox as standard
  • Motor mount matched to your drive motor of choice
  • Cable carrier with support and mounting structures
  • 4 travel bumpers
  • Homing sensor kit

Robot, drive motor, cable carrier / cabling, and control system not included. Need a complete mechatronics solution? Talk to our expert application engineers!


Standard Features:

  • Debris-resistant and extremely durable DualVee wheels
  • Leveling feet and lift points for easy positioning and installation
  • Adjustable wheels and automatic lubrication systems designed for easy maintenance



Basic Specs:

  • Accuracy within 0.034 mm / 1 m
  • Speeds up to 1.64 ft/s [0.5 m/s]
  • Accelerations up to 0.981 m/s2
  • Max loads of approx. 11.7 klbf [52.4 kN]


Need customization? Talk to us!

  • Removing included elements
  • Alternate gearbox
  • Additional and alternative limit sensors
  • Cable carrier with pre-installed cables
  • Custom lengths
  • Additional machining or alternate finishing

Stock Codes


DVRTU stock code system

System Capabilities


Vertical Force

Horizontal Force

Vertical Moment

Horizontal Moment

Horizontal Moment

(Approximate, Slow Speed)

  N N N-m N-m N-m N

DualVee RTU-H
(High Capacity)

52416 57200 14834 12648 13593 9948

LoPro RTU for comparision:

(Light Capacity, Single Wheel Plate)

15684 19012 1478 1174 1220 2818

(Medium Capacity,  Double Wheel Plate)

31368 38024 2956 2348 2440 2818



What is a Robot Transfer Unit?

Robot positioning systems (7th axis or Robot Transfer Units) provide flexibility in manufacturing and industrial spaces. For example, they may allow one robot to reposition between work stations to do the work of several robots. They may also extend a robot’s working area without need for a larger arm. Sometimes, the transfer of units away from the operating zone permits safe movement of workers or large equipment.

These motion systems are common in aerospace, automotive, warehouse, and manufacturing applications. Both traditional and collaborative robots can benefit from Bishop-Wisecarver’s 7th axis motion solutions, regardless of their size.

Why Bishop-Wisecarver?

Bishop-Wisecarver specializes in motion solutions that are expertly designed and delivered to perform, from a company you can trust.

Our solutions deliver maximum environmental and debris resistance. This ability to excel in harsh and extreme conditions is especially critical for drilling, welding, painting, etc.

Additionally, BW systems are specifically design by our motion experts to minimize your installation effort and maintenance costs. Many solutions require no maintenance over the planned life of the machine. (Click here to read more about the total cost of ownership advantage of our products.)

We don’t just deliver quality products; we deliver a Signature Experience™ to our customers. Bishop-Wisecarver’s expert application engineers can help you select the complete 7th axis system solution that is right for you, including motors and controls. Our team can also partner with you to design a fully customized system that meets your application requirements.

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