HepcoMotion SL2 – Stainless Steel Slide

SL2 is a completely corrosion resistant linear guide featuring ground stainless steel slides and linear motion bearings. SL2 carriages are made from strong, yet light-weight aluminum alloy. SL2 slides may also be mounted to GV3 beams for further design versatility.
  • Slide lengths up to 4 meters from a single piece
  • Clean room compatible
  • Available as assembled units or as components
  • Plastic plugs can be added to eliminate dirt traps
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Product Details

Assembled Systems

Three aluminum carriage lengths are available to meet size needs as well as moment loading conditions. Carriage units come assembled or as a kit for on-site assembly with your choice of lubricators. Two types of stainless steel V bearings allow for a choice between highly compliant twin and double row linear motion bearings for higher load demanding applications.

Stainless Steel Roller Bearing Assemblies

Stainless steel twin roller bearing type is a two piece deep groove ball bearing, which provides the most compliance and tolerates the highest amount of misalignment. Stainless double row roller bearing type utilizes a one piece bearing design with a double row ball configuration for higher load capacity and rigidity. Nitrile seals are standard for stainless steel twin and double row linear motion bearings to provide greater protection from liquid and small particle debris. Through-hole and blind hole mounting type configurations are also available in two lengths to handle different carriage thicknesses.

Stainless Steel Spacer and Flat Slides

Slides are made of stainless steel AISI 420 series and are ground to a N5 rating. V slides are available in the following configurations: •

  • Double edge spacer slide
  • Double edge flat slide
Mounting holes are available as counterbores or through-bores. Dowel pins can be used to more accurately align track during installation.

Flange Clamps

Flange clamps allow for mounting of stainless steel slides at the ends. Aluminum alloy is used to make the flange clamps, which are then coated with an anti-corrosive coating. The anti-corrosive coating is approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

Cap Seals and Lubricators

Cap seals and lubricators allow for optimal performance of systems by properly lubricating the interface between the V slide and V bearing. Both cap seals and lubricators provide a grease reservoir for continuous lubrication during system life.

Aluminum Carriage Plates

Aluminum carriages come in three standard lengths. Carriages are coated with an anti-corrosive coating, which is approved by the US Department of Agriculture. Hole patterns on standard carriages readily accommodate cap seals and lubricators. Custom carriages can also be made from customer specified materials such as stainless steel.
Carriage Technical Data
CarriageTypeDry System, Twin & DR Type Linea Motion Bearing
SSCPMS1280800.440 x Y40 x Y
SSCPS253203203.6160 x Y160 x Y
SSCPS353203205160 x Y160 x Y
SSCPS503203207.3160 x Y160 x Y
SSCPM4464064013320 x Y320 x Y
SSCPM6064064018320 x Y320 x Y
SSCPM7664064023320 x Y320 x Y
SSCPL761440144050720 x Y720 x Y

CarriageTypeLubricated System, Twin Type Linear Motion Bearing
SSCPMS122402401.3120 x Y120 x Y
SSCPS2596096011480 x Y480 x Y
SSCPS3596096015480 x Y480 x Y
SSCPS5096096022480 x Y480 x Y
SSCPM4430003000601500 x Y1500 x Y
SSCPM6030003000841500 x Y1500 x Y
SSCPM76300030001081500 x Y1500 x Y
SSCPL76600060002103000 x Y3000 x Y

CarriageTypeLubricated System, DR Type Linear Motion Bearing
SSCPMS12Not Applicable
SSCPS2516003000171500 x Y800 x Y
SSCPS3516003000251500 x Y800 x Y
SSCPS5016003000371500 x Y800 x Y
SSCPM4436006000723000 x Y1800 x Y
SSCPM60360060001003000 x Y1800 x Y
SSCPM76360060001293000 x Y1800 x Y
SSCPL768000100002805000 x Y4000 x Y


Multi-Axis Guided Motion for Automation in High Debris Farming Environment


Up to this point, asparagus harvesting has largely been an arduous and expensive manual process. The stalks grow at various speeds, so it has been the job of workers to painstakingly cut through each ripe stalk individually. This laborious process makes asparagus one of the most expensive vegetables to produce. With demand on the rise, it has become more important than ever to explore automation solutions to make harvesting sustainable.

INDUSTRY: Agriculture, Food Manufacturing


Extreme Temperature and Vacuum Bearings

Vacuum & Extreme Temperature Bearings and Track Rollers are designed for extreme environments

V Slides in Vacuum Environments

Linear arrangement for picking and loading inside a vaccum chamber

Are SL2 rails available in different grades similar to the GV3 product?

No. In order to make the rails as corrosion resistant as possible they are only available precision ground on all surfaces.

Is the SL2 product suitable for washdown environments?

The material used for both the bearings and rails is a martensitic stainless steel which is hardenable by heat treating, which gives it excellent wear characteristics and corrosion resistant properties. With proper care and maintenance, the SL2 product has been used successfully in many washdown environments.

Are the SL2 carriages available in stainless steel?

Yes, they can be provided as a custom part.

Can the SL2 rails be ordered configured like the PRT system?

Yes, the ring and track systems can be ordered in the same stainless steel material as the SL2 product.

Is the SL2 product suitable for food grade applications?

Yes, a simple substitution of food grade lubricant on the cap wiper felt will allow for use in most food grade applications.
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