ECO60™ – Gantry Kit

Multi-axis gantry attachment kits extend the working envelope of ECO60 linear actuators and enable the fast and simple connection of several actuators into a more complex motion system. The gantry kits include metal brackets or plates and all necessary hardware to create a strong and reliable connection between actuators.
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Product Details
Multi-axis linear actuator assemblies extend the working envelope of automated motion systems and provide for more complex motion.
ECO60 Gantry Kits create reliable and easy-to-assemble connections between ECO60 Linear Actuators.

  • Save design time without sacrificing design freedom.
    • Pre-configured connections for ECO60 actuators in any orientation
    • Added flexibility when mounting along T-slot aluminum beam lengths
    • All multi-axis kits are made from aluminum with black anodize and stainless-steel hardware to match the corrosion resistance of ECO60

  • Make ordering easy with single part number kits.

  • Save time and hassle during installation.
    • Kit contains all the hardware needed for assembly
    • Assemble with common hand tools in a matter of minutes

Please call for specific lead-times, or to expedite your order.
Stock Code Name Connects Carriage to... Use Case Plate/Bracket & Hardware
XYMNTE60E60K Centered Plate Kit Bottom Base Allows easy multi-axis configurations with 2 actuators (or X-X'-Y using 3 actuators)
XYMNTE60E60OK Offset Plate Kit Bottom Base Maximizes Y axis work area in X-X'-Y gantries
XYMNTE60E60OLK Long Offset Plate Kit Bottom Base Same as Offset Plate Kit, but with increased stiffness and support for longer Y axes
XYMNTE60E60BSK Side Mounted Plate Kit Side Base T-Slot Allows mounting along any point of the T-slot for maximum design flexibility
XYMNTE60E60CK Carriage Facing Carriage Plate Kit Carriage (Facing) Holds the Y-axis carriage, allowing the Y-axis base to move
XZMNTE60E604338K Carriage to Z Carriage Bracket Kit Carriage (90°) Holds the Z-axis carriage, allowing the Z-axis base to move
XZMNTE60E60K Z Base Mounted Bracket Kit Bottom Base (90°) Holds the Z-axis base, allowing more weight to be driven by the Z axis
XYMNTE60E60SQRK Multi-Use Bracket Kit Carriage (90°) OR Bottom Base Can be used to mount a Y-axis OR Z-axis; 3 of these kits can create a full X-X'-Y-Z gantry
ECO60 Filter Cleaning


How automation is saving the environment - one diesel truck at a time!


The traditional way to clean DPFs has always been to bring them to a facility that bakes them at 1150℉ for 12 hours. The problem however, is they can only be cleaned 3-4 times before the high heat cracks and breaks apart the ceramic parts of the filter. When this happens, the filter must be replaced at a hefty cost of $3-7K.

INDUSTRY: Automotive


Linear Actuator

The Signature Motion linear actuator series includes several lines from an economy line all the way up to high performance.

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