HepcoMotion DTS+ Track System

The DTS+ system incorporates key features of Hepco's PRT track system and original DTS, combining them with a high load capacity connection for carriages to the drive belt. The carriages will not disengage from the belt, allowing transmission of higher driving forces compared to the original DTS system. Whilst the original DTS will often be the right choice for many applications, the DTS+ is suitable for applications with high loads, a vertical orientation, or where the free space inside the track circuit is required to integrate additional equipment.
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Product Details
  • High strength belt connections allow applications with high speed or high load to be accommodated
  • Specially-designed belt-fixing mechanisms connect carriages to the drive belt and do not disengage
  • Benefits from low maintenance V guide technology
  • Wide choice of system sizes Including 25-351, 44-468, 44-612 and 76-799
  • Tracks can incorporate multi carriages that can be locked at workstations for accurate assembly or positioning operations
  • Easily incorporated into a multi-function machine as a transfer or positioning system
  • Track slides and end segments are fitted to bespoke aluminium sections, the whole assembly can be mounted to your own installation
DTS Packaging Liquid Detergent


Space Efficient, Low Maintenance Packaging System


When South Korean automation manufacturer New Hanil Engineering was commissioned to develop a machine to fully automate the production of liquid detergent packaging, it was essential to build a space-saving, low maintenance system that would provide the high throughput required.  The machine produces spout pouches, one of the fastest growing packaging formats that offer a flexible, cost-effective alternative to plastic bottles.  At the core of the machine, New Hanil required a precise and reliable carousel system to guide and transfer the spout packs around the system between the different processes.

INDUSTRY: Automation - Packaging

PRODUCT USED: DTS Driven Track System

Driven Track System

Positioning 28 individual fixtures for the assembly of automotive temperature sensors requires a consistent level of precision if rejects are to be avoided.

Automotive Battery Assembly

Take a look at this automotive application in Korea, using our DTS track system.

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