FIRST® Robotics Competition & Tech Challenge

We embrace and promote initiatives focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  These programs are vital for increasing the vibrancy of the American economy and our industrial manufacturing base.

Organizations such as FIRST help to bridge the gap between education and the business world by engaging participants in hands-on learning challenges.

Bishop-Wisecarver has provided consistent and increasing support of FIRST since 2007 through support of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and we are proud to continue our support of FIRST for the 2017 season!

2017 Donation: DualVee Linear Guide Track and Carbon Sealed MadeWell Wheels

For the 2017 FRC season, Bishop-Wisecarver donated a large quantity of DualVee linear guide track and cabon sealed MadeWell wheels. These parts are available for order on the AndyMark FIRST Choice website. Log-in to FIRST Choice and use your team credits to order your linear guide track.

The DualVee product line is a group of simple components which are used by industrial equipment makers for linear and rotary guided motion applications. The parts are easy to understand, easy to assemble, and provide very smooth, low-friction linear or rotary guidance.  

Team Sponsorships

We contribute to the success of local robotics teams through our team sponsorship program. Our team sponsorships support team funding and the program includes a factory tour of our manufacturing facility. We have provided sponsorship donations for the following teams for the 2020 FIRST season:

If you're interested in being sponsored by Bishop-Wisecarver, please check out our application form.

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